Capturing the essence of information and documents.
A service that aggregates and classifies content using classes such as “interesting” vs. “not interesting”.
Classes are trained by an editor or domain expert, with adequate training classification is 99.0 to 99.8% accurate.
Capsence collected content from up to 800 feeds (tested so far). Content may be preferably RSS feeds, but any kind of digital documents can be processed.

Capsence can be used for intelligence and publication.

Use scenario : Content portal / Community
A trade organization or publisher builds a knowledge portal for professionals. The news section of the portal collects RSS feeds. After classification, the top 30% published on the site and the rest is available via search.
The professionals now have one place to scan all the news from their field. There The portal can build a community around the content.

Use scenario: Blogger
A journalist and blogger about agricultural technology sees the entire Capsence feed about his subject in a dedicated RSS reader and thus has a unique overview of what is happening. Every day he writes a blog and presents himself as a knowledgeable specialist.
The blogger has the ability to publish a self chosen selection of the feed every day.

Use Scenario : SEO
A company collects all the interesting content from the market for a few months . With sufficient mass, scores are calculated for recognizing domain / market specific words. These words are collected in lists.
These lists can be used to fill the keywords meta tag, but also for writing web texts.
Trends in the use of keywords may also be recognized.

Furthermore, I have recently been engaged in discussions with a company in London that provides ‘social reading’ to content driven sites. People who make themselves known to the site with a Facebook or LinkedIn account can interact through content… which is also a platform for knoweledge exchange and social interaction takes place but on your own site not in the social media.

I must say that the set-up costs of Capsence currently still quite high. Capsence takes time to set up but once set up requieres minimal maintanace and support.
Early adopters, who are willing to pay a project upfront will get a special deal. And of course can steer developement direction and feature list.

Social reading is a separate product that can be linked to Capsence.
Other Capsence services are basically language independent but only tested with English content :
keyword extraction

In the pipeline
Domain / market specific keywords calculation
Identify trends in keywords
Publication list
Capsence RSS reader