First we talk

The first draft of a project plan always includes a lot of meetings, teams, project managers and clients, talk weekly and monthly with each other. Then, when the hourly rates are entered and the project goes over budget all those meetings turn out to be very expensive and the project manager starts cutting cost by skipping meetings.

Now a project can be executed very well with informal contact and a few well-planned milestone meetings, but a good conversation in the start-up phase is impossible to replace, it saves money.

What is the importance of a start-up meeting? Well two things, firstly, the project team can get an accurate picture of what the client has in mind. Secondly, the project team should know the business requirements of the client.

Why talk about business requirements. The project should be driven by the requirements. The goal the commisioner has in mind determines how the project is developed. Is there a charity or a commercial purpose or is creating goodwill primary goal.
The input may be the same, the output is totally different.

And while we’re enjoying a good cup of coffee while brainstorming about the project, I will try to convince you to have a design phase befor to the production phase.
Design in the sense of developing ideas, optimize the user experience and an appropriate graphic design has the ability to steer developers.

Developers who know exactly what they need to do to are happy and take substantially less time to complete the job.