Vuelio – Software to manage media and stakeholder interactions

Vuelio is software to ensure your communications teams have access to the briefing papers, strategy documents, and lines to take on all of the issues affecting their organisation.

They are ready to react to queries from any stakeholder group and are armed with all the information they need to ensure that they address these stakeholder interactions in a personalised manner and deliver a consistent message to avoid dangerous discrepancies.

For Media Relations

Enables press and media teams to handle enquiries, distribute information and monitor outcomes whilst seamlessly capturing all the important issues, concerns and intelligence in one database.

For Stakeholder Managers

Capture key details of all your stakeholders, the organisations to which they are affiliated, their power and influence and relationships between them, ensuring you are empowered with all the knowledge you need for successful engagements.

For Public & Regulatory Affairs

Legislators, regulators and activists can have massive influence and the proactive management of relationships with these groups can help leverage opportunities and mitigate risks.

For Internal Comms

Connects internal communicators and ensures that they are on-message with their external counterparts, ensuring consistency across the board. Key messages can be posted simultaneously across all internal and external channels.

For Corporate Comms

Enables the capture of significant interactions by brand managers, investor relations and others in one centralised repository so that those that need to know can see who said what to whom and when.

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